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It is not just a bakery! It is a chef’s story where cake and bakery enthusiasts can freely experience happiness in quality and healthy products. We at Belly Amy’s bake high-quality fusion cakes, soft melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts, fresh and crunchy cookies, tasty pastries, crispy croissants, sweet tarts, ram balls, home-baked multigrain loaves of bread, and thin-crust pizza straight from the oven. As the name reflects, our concept of building CAKESNCAKESSHOP BY BELLE AMY’S is to satisfy all the taste buds across the tri-city. We aim to create wonders with a professional touch in fusion taste for our bakery lovers with high-quality and healthy ingredients. Belle Amy's is a small story of a girl named Amy who loves to eat, and this love for food made the chef in her mother plunge into the journey of creating excellent bakery products. Amy, too, has now started to make and eat cookies, cakes, and baked items with sweet indulgence for the happiness of her stomach and soul. The journey unfolded with our chef sharing her happiness with the world by making divine delicious treats that relish everyone’s heart with joy. Now, she cooks for you and your joy by delivering excellent and healthy food. Bakery lovers have experienced food ordered from a local vendor. Try the new experience of food ordered from Belle Amy's, where our chef cooks delicious treats every time. Pick your phone and dial us for delicious life experiences.

# Yum hai hum
(We believe in serving delicious cakes and bakery items made by our yummy mummy)

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