Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions (T&C) set down below carefully before placing your orders for any good or service from our website “cakesncakesshop.com.” If you place an order from our cakesncakesshop.com through any mobile application or computer application, you will be bound by all the terms and conditions.

Terms Clarifications

  • “Website” refers to cakesncakesshop.com
  • “Customer,” “you,” “your,” or “yours” refers to anyone who gets in contact and uses the product or service at the website cakesncakesshop.com
  • “Content” means all information, text, links, pictures, or data on the website. Any clickable or accessible piece of information on the website.
  • “Goods,” “Item,” “items,” “product,” and” products” are references to any products that are and will be offered on the website. 
  • Service” or “Services” is a reference to any service that we will supply or provide to you on your request and orders. 
  • Delivery” is a reference to food items and to any delivery service or method that is provided by our partners, and they take full responsibility for it.

“Support Team” refers to the Company's unit responsible for coordinating and assisting with the services. 

Order Placement

  • If you order from our website, any contract between the order delivery will be between you and the delivery partner. You will make sure that any detail that you provide us for order delivery will be correct and accurate. You also ensure that the cards that you will be using for the payment of your order are yours and have sufficient balance to cater to your order. 
  • Products that you have ordered from the website will be only for your usage of consumption. You will not be reselling the items; you are just a receiver of the product and not the service provider. 
  • Please note that your product can be suitable for a certain age range; check your order for certain recipients. 
  • You might be required to provide your phone number, email, and password to get online orders. Do not provide this data to a third party, and keep your combinations safe.
  • We make sure to keep your data secure with us. If this data is compromised by a third party outside of our power, we can not be held liable for such loss and unauthorized access while ordering from our website.
  • When you place an order on the website, it is confirmed by an automatically generated email. If any detail is incorrect, you have the right to inform us immediately. Orders are subject to the availability of products, and automatic email does not mean that we or a partner supplier will fill your order out of our power. We will also let you know if we are unable to cater to your order via email or text message(SMS)
  • If your details are correct, we will send you text messages (SMS) along with the receipt of your payment.   


  • You make sure that you are providing us with your details and that details are correct and accurate at the time of ordering. All the debit card and credit card information provided by you are of your cards, and you have enough funds for the purchase.
  • CakesnCakesShop.com will not accept cancellation on any personalised or customised cakes once the order has been placed. 
  • An order will be considered confirmed if the payment has been made and confirmation has been sent to the customer. An order once paid and confirmed will not be cancelled on any grounds.
  • The website showcases correct prices, and we keep them regularly updated. Final prices are based on the latest menu and prices. We have reserved the rights for all the goods and services available on the website.
  • We reserve the right to alter the prices in future scenarios, and all prices are and will be correct.
  • The checkout display will show all total prices for the goods and services that will be charged for your order. Complete payment must be made through our modes of payment whenever required. 
  • For online payments, you must pay before your delivery, and our website will guide you to a third-party gateway. Please refer to the relevant payment gateway. 
  • Belly Amy’s never asks for any personal bank details like PIN/OTP/CVV. Please do not share your details with anyone. 


  • Delivery duration shown during the time of ordering is an estimation only.
  • We have a Turn Around Time (TAT) of 3 to 4 hours for preparing all urgent orders. 
  • We use third-party services to deliver orders, so we advise you to coordinate with the service partner for timely, correct delivery.
  • We accept same-day delivery options for orders placed before 12 noon, it is the customer’s responsibility to place the orders correctly and pre-book by 24 hours for correct delivery timings. 
  • For mid-night delivery extra shipping fees will be applied.
  • The customer will be responsible for delivery of their urgent orders or orders placed outside our service timings as listed on the website.
  • We accept a 1-day cancellation notice for all regular cakes and a 2-day cancellation notice for special/customised cakes.
  • If any ingredient or cake product is not available with us for your cake at that instance, you will be informed as soon as possible through your linked number or email.
  • Delivery is done by our partnering delivery service. They will be the sole responsible authority for your delivery services. 
  • We will make sure to give great care for your timely delivery. But Belly Amy’s has taken no responsibility for your late delivery.
  • We will not be liable for any loss during the time of delivery. 
  • In case of delayed order delivery, Belly Amy’s will not be refunded any delivery charges. For more read our refund policy.
  • All responsibility for the product is passed directly to you (the customer.)
  • If you on your end fail to collect the delivery and we are unable to deliver due to your negligence, then the responsibility will directly pass to you, and the goods shall be under your responsibility. 
  • Participating suppliers aim to provide you with the best services. However, we shall not be held liable for any losses and liabilities out of late or delayed delivery. 
  • Delivery will only be attempted ONCE to the address you have provided. There is such an option as re-delivery or refund in the case of the following - 
  • Wrong address, recipient not available, locked premises, incorrect details, or restricted premises entry. 
  • Orders scheduled on National holidays will be scheduled for the next working day. 
  • In case of ANY natural calamity of disturbance or election dates/ curfews/traffic jams/festival times/regulated traffic movements, we have rights reserved to schedule your delivery for the next day. 
  • Delivery date will not be changed in any condition after the order has been accepted once.

General Information

By using our website, you show that you have read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the website. You agree that you are lawfully using the website and its services. You agree that you are 16 or above and use the website for personal and informational use. You will not use the content of this website to source a third party and will be following all the terms and conditions.


To get any services and products from our website, you must create an account with us and register yourself with our website. Your account will be made based on the information you provide to us. You agree to give us accurate and legal information about the account creation, and you are not creating an account for a third party. If your multiple accounts are found, you will be charged in common for all.


We are not in control of or responsible for the information shared with any user by the expert. We do not make any warranties or verifications of experts and their data. We cannot claim the identity of every customer. Both users and experts agree that they understand all risks and use the services independently. 

Changes to These Terms

Our website reviews our terms and conditions, and this is our sole discretion. We will notify users if there will be any significant changes, but minor changes will be made and posted on the website. Usually, we will try to give you a notification before the new terms become applicable. However, sometimes changes will need to be made without any notice.

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