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With Belly Amy’s Indulge In Seamless Online Delivery Of Cakes in Hyderabad

Belly Amy’s is a CakesNCakes Shop where you will find the most delicious mouthwatering cakes and bakery delight to keep your parties hyped and your tummies satisfied. We are a reliable online cake service and our primary focus is on serving everyone delicious and diverse cakes to match their party and energy. If you order cakes in Hyderabad, we offer you the best delights that are freshly baked, delicious, and fluffy. With every bite of Belly Amy’s cake, you crave more and then eat more. But, do not be worried, we use the best and most premium ingredients for our cakes and ensure fresh cakes are made every time someone orders so you can taste our delights whenever you crave something sweet! 

Find Wide Assortments of Delicious Cake Flavours to Explore and Order Cakes In Hyderabad

If you are bored with all the regular cake flavours available online and want to try something new. Belly Amy’s is the right place for you. With so many delicious flavours to choose from, you can find your perfect cake anytime. We specialise in a variety of unique fusion flavours that will be perfect if you like something different. We offer many attractive designs and customisations so you can have the best cake for your celebrations. At Belly Amy’s, you can find classic flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry or try trendy flavours like Rasmalai, Choco-velvet, exotic fruits, and many more. Find your favourite flavour and order cakes in Hyderabad easily. 

Cakes by preference Cakes by FlavourCakes by Price 
Healthy cakes Suji cakesStarts @ ₹420 
Eggless cakes Pineapple cakeStarts @₹600
Heart shape cakes Strawberry cakesStarts @ ₹650
Sugar-freeChocolate cake Starts @₹800
Photo cakes Red velvet cakes Starts @ ₹839

Enjoy Hassle-free Delivery of Your Sweet Packages from Belly Amy’s

Take your celebrations to another level and make sure you enjoy the hassle-free cake delivery services provided by Belly Amy’s. Sit back and enjoy your day while we craft the best cake for you to enjoy at your celebrations. Made with premium ingredients and utter love, our cakes are a heavenly delight to enjoy. Enough to satisfy your sweetest tooth, we are here to make all your days filled with just the best. Choose from a wide assortment of delicious cakes and unique cake designs and order online cake delivery in Hyderabad with Belly Amy’s. 

Most Popular Cakes in Hyderabad From Belly Amy’s at Reasonable Prices! 

Popular cakes Our prices 
Red Velvet Cake ₹350
Fruit Overload Cake ₹350
Chocolate Truffle Cake ₹450
Creamy Pineapple Cake₹550
Butterscotch Caramel Cake ₹600
Nutty Chocolate Cake ₹650
Gems Red Velvet Cake ₹680
Kitkat Cake - Birthday ₹750
Delicious Mango Cake ₹750
Pineapple Cheesecake ₹800

Why Choose Belly Amy’s for Your Next Cake Delivery in Hyderabad?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your online cake delivery in Mumbai.

  • Our online cake delivery services are timely and reliable every time you order.
  • We make most mouth-melting cakes that are super tasty and less creamy than regular cakes.
  • We have a delicious array of cake choices to suit your needs like sugar-free or gluten-free cakes and more. 
  • Our cakes are made by professional chefs/bakers who are best at their craft. 
  • We follow every health and cleanliness guideline while preparing your cakes so you get the best cakes only. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are your cakes fresh every time?

Yes, every cake is made fresh at Belly Amy’s and we only use the best and premium ingredients for making our cakes. Every cake is prepared fresh and sent out fast for delivery. Quality is our primary quality and we will not disappoint you with that.

2. Do you have any combo to gift with cake?

Our combo sections will provide you with various combos of cakes with sweet teddies, beautiful flowers, and delicious chocolates. You can also choose from our gift sections, where you’ll find perfumes, photo frames, mugs, and gift cards.

3. How much in advance should I place my order?

If you want to get same-day delivery you need to place your order before 12 PM, that same day. We take around 2-3 hours to make and deliver your order once it has been confirmed and placed by us.

4. Do I need to pay full price before getting the order?

Yes, you need to make an advance payment for all your orders so we can confirm your order and start working on your cake deliveries.

5. Do you take bulk party orders?

Yes, we do take bulk orders for any parties. For that, you need to fill out the corporate order form and submit it well before time so we can prepare and confirm your order. You can get in contact with our helpline number (9779455996)(0172-3169136)and get your queries sorted in detail.

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