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Experience the Sweetest Surprise With Same-Day & Midnight Cake Delivery in Bangalore by Belly Amy’s!

At Belly Amy’s we are passionate about creating delicious cakes and bringing joy to your occasions and taste buds. You can too experience the aroma of freshly baked cakes and feel the delightness of the best cakes in town. At Belly Amy’s we serve lip-smacking delights and yummy flavours that you will love and share with your loved ones. Prepare to taste the best delights and explore the wonderland of online cake deliveries in Bangalore. Complete your celebrations while satisfying your taste buds with Belly Amy’s delights and explore our delicious cake range. With classic cake delight or the most trendy cake choose the flavour that suits you the best, with Belly Amy’s.  

Taste The Delights And Choose From A Wide Range Of Yummy Cake Flavours

With Belly Amy’s you can choose from an array of delicious cakes to make all of your celebrations grand. All our customers have always loved our cakes and our chefs are proud of their creations. You can enjoy all of our most popular cake designs and flavours and choose the one which suits your occasion the best. We offer all types of flavours and many other fusion flavours to keep your tastebuds satisfied and happy. Our cakes are made with premium ingredients and are baked fresh for all orders just so we satisfy all our customers and leave a long-lasting impression on their celebrations with our beloved cakes. We offer flavours like chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, Rasmalai, red velvet, and many more so we cater to all cake enthusiasts. 

Cake By DesignCake By FlavoursCake By Price
Heart Shaped Cakes Truffle Cakes Starts At ₹650
Anniversary Cakes White Forest Cakes Starts At ₹600
Birthday Cakes Butterscotch CakesStarts At ₹700
Wedding Cakes Red Velvet Cakes Starts At ₹890
Designer Cakes Chocolate Cakes Starts At ₹1500

Experience Sweet Rush When You Order Cakes in Bangalore with Belly Amy’s

With Belly Amy’s reliable and safe online delivery service you can get same-day delivery options for all your ordered cakes. We aim to keep our services easy and convenient so we offer fast deliveries that will get you your cake within 3 hours of your order confirmation. Now you won’t have to stand in queues to get a special and delicious cake for your celebrations. We serve you fresh cakes every time you order and maintain our promise of keeping our quality and taste high. With Belly Amy’s get your delicious online cake delivery in Bangalore and sparkle your precious days with our most delectable delights. With Belly Amy’s make your celebrations much brighter and happier and share this happiness with all your loved ones.  

Most Popular Cakes in Bangalore From Belly Amy’s

Popular cakes Our prices 
Red Velvet Cake ₹350
Snowy Vanilla Cake ₹350
Chocolate Truffle Cake ₹450
Delicious Black Forest Cake₹550
Pineapple Half Cake ₹600
Truffle Birthday Cake ₹650
Pista Rasmalai Cake ₹680
Strawberry Fruit Cake ₹700
Tempting Mango Cake Eggless₹790
Pineapple Cheesecake ₹800

Why Choose Belly Amy’s for Your Next Cake Delivery in Bangalore?

Belly Amy’s is a premium and reliable online cake delivery shop. We ensure that every customer has great celebrations and we are a part of their happiness. Here are a few more reasons why you should try Belly Amy’s if you want to order cakes in Bangalore:

  • We always make our cakes from scratch for every order and make sure our cakes are always fresh and delicious.  
  • Our bakers are professionals and follow all health and safety standards while preparing your cakes.
  • We specialise in creating less creamy cakes with a mouth-melting texture.
  • You can find a variety of cakes that will suit your preferences like eggless cakes, sugar-free cakes, or healthy cakes at Belly Amy’s.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will I get fresh cakes from online delivery?

Absolutely! All cakes delivered from Belly Amy’s are freshly baked for every order. We ensure that there is no compromise with the quality of our cakes and for this, we only use the best and most premium cake ingredients every time. 

2. Can I get eggless cakes online?

Yes, With us you can make any of the cakes you like into eggless versions. Your cakes will be made as per your requirements and we bake every cake specially for you as you like. We also have sugar-free cakes and healthy cakes to ensure every customer stays happy with us. 

3. Can I get products that are listed as “out of stock”?

Unfortunately, if we have mentioned that any specific cake or product is out of stock, you can not purchase that item until we restock it. We work on keeping our inventory stocked all the time but products marked as ”Out Of Stock” will not be available for purchasing.  

4. Do you give same-day delivery for online cakes?

Yes! After we have confirmed your order, you will get your online cake delivery in Bangalore within 3 hours of the confirmation. We strive to give you the best products so no matter how fast we deliver them, you will always get the best cakes with fresh taste and flavours. 

5. What payment modes are accepted on the website?

Our website accepts all types of debit and credit cards, UPIs, and online payment options as payment modes for your placed orders.

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