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Top 10 Cakes to Steal Your Heart This Valentine's Day

Just ditch those boring cards and chocolates when your Valentine's Day is all about expressing the depth of your love. What is better than a cake that is as sweet and unique as your love story? Celebrate your love with a delicious and decadent cake that will melt in your mouth and send love tingles to your heart. Sweeten your Valentine's Day with Belly Amy's sweet Valentine's Day cake collection. Savour every slice of irresistible cake from cakesncakes.com that will ignite the sparks of love with every bite. Here are some of our top picks, categorized for your perfect celebration: 

1. Red Velvet Love Heart-Shaped Cake

Red Velvet Love Heart-Shaped Cake is one of the most ordered and loved Valentine’s Day cakes. It is perfect to convey a sweet message of love to your loved ones.

Red Velvet Love Heart-Shaped Cake by Belly Amy's

This cake is a true heartthrob, full of flavor and a delicious pillow-soft sponge. Creamy cream cheese frosting inside the cakes gives it a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Belly Amy’s is known for their customization, so you can certainly add any lovely twist to this cake from your creativity. The red color of this cake screams love and compassion. This will definitely make your day a memorable one. Go ahead and Order a Red Velvet Love Heart-Shaped Cake at Belly Amy’s. 

2. Chocolaty Truffle Cake

This cake, filled with pure deliciousness, can be one of the top picks of couples. The luxurious and rich taste of this cake is what people love the most about a Chocolaty Truffle Cake.

Chocolaty Truffle Cake by Belly Amy's

The smooth and decadent flavor will be your romantic centerpiece. Indulge your deep chocolate craving with our decadent Chocolaty Truffle Cake this Valentine's season. Order Chocolaty Truffle Cake Online at cakesncakesshop.com

3. Sweet Rasmalai Cake

Order Sweet Rasmalai Cake Online this Valentine's for your loved partner. This cake is a fusion of the sweetest cake and the yummiest Rasmalai. 

Sweet Rasmalai Cake by Belly Amy's

The burst of flavors and sponginess of the cake and Rasmalai make it a perfect love story. Adding cardamom with a crunch of nuts like almonds and pistachios elevates the texture and taste of this delight. With the tongue's pleasure, the red rose adds a message of love to your partner. 

4. Yummy Strawberry Heart Shape Cake

A pink Valentine’s Day cake with a fluffy sponge filled with rich cream and juicy strawberries sounds like a couple’s dream. 

Yummy Strawberry Heart Shape Cake by Belly Amy's

The sweetness of the cake is perfect and blends with the juiciness of the fruit to make it a couple’s favorite. Add your creativity and pair it with your favorite ice cream, and this will be the best dessert of your life. If you are away from your beloved, Gift it to your lover and buy a strawberry heart-shaped cake online with Belly Amy’s. 

5. Imported Berry Flavoured Cake

Want to try something different? Go and order imported berry-flavored cake online for this Valentine's Day. This will be a bit exotic and especially made for your loved ones. 

Imported Berry Flavoured Cake by Belly Amy's

Sweet and tangy fruity flavor paired with spongy and soft cake layers will be very hard to resist. The premium ingredients and luxurious looks will for sure impress your partner. So do not wait; buy an imported berry-flavoured cake from Belly Amy's this Valentine's.  

6. Red Heart Designer Cake

Surprise your sweetheart with this delicious treat and make their Valentine’s Day special. What would be better than a big red heart to shower your love? It is simply the best symbol of love and affection. 

Red Heart Designer Cake by Belly Amy's

This cake will make your partner skip a beat and fall in love with you all over again. Order online from Belly Amy’s and buy Red Heart designer cake for your truly loved one. 

7. Chocolate Couple Cake

Be ready for a day full of hearts and chocolate with this cute chocolate couple cake. If you want to celebrate your togetherness year after year, this cake is perfect for couples like you. Pair this cake with a grand bouquet for your loved one. 

Chocolate Couple Cake by Belly Amy's

Enjoy this sweet and rich-flavored cake. Belly Amy’s only uses the best chocolate and softest sponges, so there is no doubt that this cake will be the best way to make your day a grand celebration. Go ahead! Buy chocolate couple cake at our website. 

8. Strawberry Half Cake

Is your love as fresh and new as this trending half-cake? Try this creation from Belly Amy’s so you will be able to share this lovely cake with your partner. 

Strawberry Half Cake by Belly Amy's

Sweet strawberry flavoring and delicious cream add the perfect balance to the soft and fluffy sponge of this cake. This cake is ideal for new couples, so get on board and order strawberry half cake from Belly Amy’s this Valentine's to make your story last forever. 

9. Chocolate Truffle Pinata Cake

Are you looking for new ways to celebrate your togetherness? Try delicious Pinata cakes from Belly Amy’s and add some sweetness to your day. It will be so much fun to break this pinata cake open and reveal your love for your partner in the form of the sweetest and the most delicious chocolate cake. 

Chocolate Truffle Pinata Cake by Belly Amy's

The cake inside is full of chocolate truffles and made with fresh and delicious chocolate filling. Buy chocolate truffle pinata cake from Belly Amy’s and make your celebration unique and delicious. 

10. Delicious Red Velvet Pull Me Up Cake

Want to show your love in the form of a delicious cake? Try a new pull-me-up red velvet cake and reveal your overflowing love for your partner, just like the overflowing delicious sweet cream from this cake. 

Delicious Red Velvet Pull Me Up Cake by Belly Amy's

Delicious red velvet cake with moist and soft layers paired with sweet and mouth-watering cream is the perfect hit this Valentine's Day. Buy Pull-me-up Cakes online and order delicious red velvet pull-me-up cake from Belly Amy's. 


Make this Valentine’s Day unique and special for your loved ones and celebrate your sweet moments with sweet cakes from Belly Amy’s. Try different cake varieties from our collection and gift your partner the best cake in the city. To buy any of the above cakes, make sure you visit our website, cakesncakesshop.com, and get yourself the best cakes delivered right to your doorstep this Valentine’s Day. 

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