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Trending Theme Cakes in India By Belly Amy’s

The journey from sweetened honey bread decorated with nuts to present-day personalized theme cakes was long. The evolution of techniques and perfection of ideas has made modern-day cakes more than just a dessert and symbolized them as a part of the celebration that brings immense joy to the audiences. The history behind Theme cakes dates back to a speculative story. In ancient Greece, there was a goddess named Artemis (a goddess associated with the moon). It was said that her followers used to worship her with a traditional cake that used to be shaped like the Moon. 

In Belly Amy’s, a premium Bakery and cafe, cakes are a form of depicting the skills and art of our beloved head Chef Shikha Kapoor while delivering the sweet dreams of all customers right to their events. In Belly Amy’s we have more than 13 Theme cake variants with numerous cakes in each theme to ensure no one is unsatisfied. With our carefully developed fusion flavor recipes and best quality every time, you get amazing mouth-melting cakes from Belly Amy’s. 

Why Belly Amy’s for your Special Theme Cakes?

  • Without a doubt, Belly Amy’s is the most reliable cake shop online.
  • We do not compromise with quality and bake fresh cakes every time someone orders from us.
  • Our unique flavours are our creation which cannot be found in any other bakery.
  • Our professional chefs deliver perfection in appearance and the taste of every cake ordered.
  • We have a plethora of choices of designs and flavors that are enough to make every cake enthusiast fall in love with us. We have one of the best Theme Cakes in India.

Theme Cakes At Belly Amy’s 

Designer Cakes

Our designer cakes are near to perfection. These are our specially created masterpieces that get our utter precision to deliver pure elegance and a premium feel on every look. Perfect for any event where you want to add uniqueness and luxury. These cakes combine our chef’s expert skills and her knowledge of creating exquisite flavors on customer demand. Our designer cakes ensure to snatch all attention and be the perfect centerpiece of your celebration.

Cartoon Cakes

We wanted to bring life to every child’s favorite cartoon characters. With vibrant colors and cartoon characters in mind, we made our playful cartoon cakes to bring that sweet smile and a zeal to smile back. Perfect for kids' birthdays, fun-filled parties, or milestone celebrations, these cakes are ideal to light up any child's face with joy and chuckles.

Wedding Cakes

Cakes for such an auspicious occasion are filled with all our love. Special wedding cakes from Belly Amy’s are a sweet blend of our creative art and your romance. Specially crafted to add a touch of love and magic to your special day. We have a variety of wedding cakes ranging from classic tiered cakes to unique designs. We ensure every wedding cake depicts the true love of the couple and gives a sweet start to their equally sweet journey ahead. 

Cricket Cakes

To celebrate your passion for sports, especially cricket, we have created our special range of cricket-themed cakes. These are perfect for all cricket fans and sports enthusiasts who want to feel the touch of their favorite hobby in their celebratory cakes. Our cricket cakes can be simple photo cakes or decorative cakes with designs of your favorite cricket teams and players. 

Gym Theme Cakes

For all fitness lovers, our gym cakes are a fun and tasty way to celebrate any milestone that you’ve reached. With many healthy cake options to choose from, all gym freaks can still enjoy sweet cakes without worrying about calories. Our cakes feature weights, gym equipment, and more to amuse and motivate health lovers for a future full of health and fitness.

Superhero Cakes

Belly Amy’s superhero cakes are the best if you want to turn your party into a memorable adventure for all kids with their favorite superhero cakes. Whether it’s Batman, Superman, Spiderman, or any other hero from your favorite comic books, we are here to make them alive in your sweet cakes. Unleash your inner superhero with our superhero cakes online. 

Barbie Cakes

The epitome of everything pink and pretty, our Barbie cakes are a perfect addition to your parties filled with glamorous princesses and their neverending style. Our Barbie-themed cakes are best for any princess-themed party. Pair our delicious cakes with your adorable style of pretty dresses and dazzling jewellery and make your celebration a true wonderland. 

Football Cakes

If you are a true football player, get ready to score a goal on your special events with Belly Amy’s designer football-themed cakes. Best for every sports fan and football enthusiast, Belly Amy’s cakes are a perfect gift. Our cakes can be decorated just as a football and include favorite player/team jerseys, and favorite team logos to bring the game to your party. 

Mickey Mouse Cakes

If you still believe in Disney magic, add a dose of Disney’s classic magical Mickey Mouse to your celebration. Enjoy Mickey Mouse cakes in your celebrations and celebrate by bringing sweet smiles and pure nostalgia to your celebration. Our Mickey Mouse theme cakes are adorned by every age group which makes this beloved character so special.  

Doraemon Cakes

It’s never a boring party with our dear Doraemon. Step into the world of Doraemon and friends with our sweet and magical Doraemon-themed cakes. We can’t promise you a magical pocket but we sure deliver a magical mouth-melting taste with our cakes. Our doraemon cakes are designer and can be personalized to add your personal touch of magic to your beloved celebrations. 

Chota Bheem Cakes

Belly Amy’s Chota Bheem is ready to save your parties with special Chota Bheem Theme Cakes. If your kids enjoy the series of Chota Bheem and his friends, they will for sure love the beautiful and delicious Chota Bheem cakes crafted by Belly Amy’s. We add vibrant colors and offer pretty photo cakes or designer fondant cakes to ensure your Chota Bheem cake looks as delicious as it tastes. 

Jungle Theme Cake

Transform your party into a Cute jungle adventure with Belly Amy’s jungle-theme cakes. We decorate our cakes featuring cute wild animals, vibrant trees, and pretty flowers. These cakes are perfect for all nature lovers and even better if you are having a Jungle theme party for your kids. 

Pubg Theme Cake

A perfect cake for all the gamers who enjoy Battleground, our Pubg theme cakes perfectly deliver the excitement of a winning chicken dinner and love for the game. We include creative details, unique designs, and game logos in our Pubg-Themed cakes and ensure to present the gamers with the cake of their dreams. 


Belly Amy’s theme cakes are a special form of celebrating any event. Showcasing creativity and blending it with perfect flavors is what makes these cakes so much special. Our talented bakers and their perfection makes our cakes so special. Every slice at Belly Amy’s showcases our love and care for our customers and our quality ensures they get the best services always. So, next time when you plan a special event, order theme cakes online from Belly Amy’s and add that extra touch of magic to your celebration!

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