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Why Are Photo Cakes So Trending These Days?

The cake industry had a revolution years back in the late 90s when the technology to print images in edible sheets specifically for cake decoration was achieved. With continuous experiments from bakers all around the globe edible ink printing was completed successfully and photo cake rose to popularity allowing the customers to own a cake that’s as unique as their celebration. 

What Is A Photo Cake?

A photo cake is a twist to add memories and old stories to your cakes and personalise them. Photo cakes are made just like a regular cake but it has a picture printed on icing sheets or frosting paper with edible ink placed on top of it. You can choose whatever picture you want to use and get it printed on the cake. Since all these ingredients are made from edible material, eating them is 100% safe. The thin edible sheets for printing are made with rice or sugar, they do not have any weird texture or flavour so the taste of the cake is not compromised at all. The image is printed digitally so it looks extremely real and seems like a real picture from a frame. 

How Photo Cake Is Made?

Photo cakes are made just like a normal cake except for the picture that is printed on the top of the cake. A special printer is used for the images on the cake. This printer uses food-safe ink and prints on edible paper sheets to keep the cake tasty and safe for consumption. Customers provide digital pictures of what they want on the cake and once printed, we place it on the cake and decorate it with icing and edible decorations to give the final touches to our beautiful cake. It looks like the picture is as real as the cake and with the taste it delivers a blend of emotions that were attached to the picture on the cake.

Is It Safe To Eat Ink Of Photo Cakes?

This is a widespread doubt of people while purchasing a photo cake. Is it safe to eat the ink? The answer is Yes! It is safe to eat the ink or the paper of the photo cake. The ink used on the cake is made with edible food colouring and the sheets used are made from corn starch, icing paper, or frosting sheets, all edible ingredients. With these ink and papers, you can use stunning colours and designs on your cake to make it extra special for your occasion. 

How Many Variations Of Photo Cake Are Available At Belly Amy’s?

In Belly Amy’s we have a wide range of delicious and enchanting photo cakes handcrafted by our star chef Shikha Kapoor. Her recipes have always satisfied the sweetest tooth and made everyone a fan of her homely, premium, and fresh delights. At Belly Amy's, we always serve fresh cakes, ensuring our treats bring you joy without compromising taste and quality. If you also plan on trying a photo cake let’s decode why they are so popular. 

At Belly Amy’s there are a variety of delicious and eye-catching photo cakes that you can try and enjoy at your celebrations. These cakes are: 

  • I Love You Wish Photo Cake
I Love You Wish Photo Cake
  • Cartoon Photo Cake
Cartoon Photo Cake
  • Strawberry Delight Photo Cake
Strawberry Delight Photo Cake
  • Happy Birthday Photo Cake
Happy Birthday Photo Cakes 
  • Heart-shaped Wedding Photo Cake
Heart-shaped Wedding Photo Cake

There are a lot of photo cakes online but these are the most popular photo cakes on Belly Amy’s. Other than these cakes you can also order any of your favourite cakes and we can customise it for you and make it a photo cake. It’s just as simple as that! 

Why Choose Belly Amy’s To Get The Best Photo Cake Online? 

There are loads of places online that will give you photo cakes, but if you want to try the best photo cakes online, Belly Amy’s will be the right choice place. 

  • We do not compromise on taste and quality and always use fresh and best-quality ingredients.
  • We use the recipes that our star chef Shikha Kapoor has crafted with years of experimenting and taste testing.
  • We have an amazing collection of delicious and dazzling photo cakes to grace any of your occasions.
  • Our cakes are visually amazing, all credit to our chefs who do their best for every cake to turn out better than before.


In a time when taking pictures is mandatory in every celebration, why not make one of these cherished pictures a part of your sweet celebratory cake? Certainly, photo cakes are already trending on social media and have been a hit since day one. They are perfect for any celebration where you want to include a cute picture of your partner, a group photo of your dear family or just roasting your friends for their growing age. Their popularity extends beyond just looks and increases with the delicious taste of the cake. Choose your favourite Photo cake from Belly Amy’s and enjoy the wonders of handcrafted premium sweet delights.

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