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Why Belly Amy’s Rasmalai Cakes are a Must-Have Dessert

Originating in the early 20th century, the origin of Rasmalai is debated between the Sen brothers of Bangladesh and the KC Das grandsons of Kolkata. The sweet became extensively popular in the Bengal province of British India and soon in the mid-20th century it gained popularity across whole South Asia. Despite this blurred origin, the taste and delight of this dessert were never in question. On the other hand, Rasmalai cake is a modern innovation with traditional cake and Indian dessert that likely emerged in the early 21st century and captured the hearts of dessert enthusiasts with the best of both worlds. 

With the efforts and experience of chef Shikha Kapoor, Belly Amy’s has taken this dessert to new heights, With her team, she has always been focused on the best results for all her recipes and ensures she serves you with the most mouthwatering and velvety delights every time. If you are someone who still doubts Rasmalai cakes, 

Let’s roll together and find out 10 reasons why Rasmalai cakes from Belly Amy’s are a must-have. 

  • Taste of authentic flavours with a modern twist 

Rasmalai cake is a perfect blend of Western and Eastern flavours giving rise to a delicious fusion combo. The syrup of Rasmalai perfectly soaks in the airy and spongy cake layers, topped with pistachio cream and spongy Rasmalai, this cake is a delight for all dessert lovers. 

  • Use of premium ingredients in perfect ratio 

Rasmalai is a premium dessert in itself, made with the finest quality pistachios, infused with saffron milk, and flavoured with fresh cardamom pods, this cake has a blast of delicious flavours in every bite. Since Belly Amy’s always bakes their cakes fresh, all these flavours combined create a rich and decadent layer of flavours in the Rasmalai cake. 

  • Luxurious mouth-melting texture

With such an array of premium and fresh ingredients, the bites of saffron milk-soaked cake just melt in your mouth. This cake is light and juicy with a perfect amount of sweetness that creates a balance of textures and you don’t feel heavy or stuffed at all. 

  • Perfect centrepiece for any occasion.

Rasmalai cakes look exceptionally beautiful. They are garnished well with vibrant pistachios and coloured with saffron milk. Topped with sweet and juicy Rasmalai, these cakes are perfect to showcase in any event. If you do so! Get ready to have all the cheers and applause for this beauty. 

  • Beautiful decoration options

There are a plethora of ways in which you can get your cakes perfect to showcase in any event. If you do so! Get ready to have all the cheers and applause for this beauty. You can choose to cover your cake with pistachio bits and make it look like crystals or you can add full pieces or cut pieces of rasmalai to top the cake to add more layers to your cake, the options are endless and all of them will be beautiful for sure. 

  • Touch Of traditional flavours

General ingredients used in Rasmalai Cakes are Indian ingredients like cardamom, saffron, chenna (a form of Indian Paneer), pista, almonds, and sugar syrup, all these ingredients combined with spongy cake and sweet frosting or whipped cream make a perfect dessert that tastes like home to all Indian. This cake helps us stay rooted in our traditional flavours while balancing the need for cakes in our celebrations. 

  • Delicious addicting taste  

No doubt! A cake made with such ingredients and prepared with so much skill can not disappoint in terms of taste. The sweetness of rasmalai in sugar syrup is perfectly balanced by a light and fluffy cake sponge and the texture of chewy rasmalai is perfectly toned by the creaminess of the frosting. Paired with the crunch of nuts topped on the cake, this is a true addiction for any cake lover. 

  • No bad picture with a cake so good! 

This cake is your best friend if you love to post on social media. The aesthetic appeal and vibrant looks of this cake are perfect if you want to show off this beauty on the internet. Every baker posts such attractive cakes and gains the attention of a wide audience of RasMalai Cake lovers.  

  • Nutrient-rich ingredients 

Rasmalai Cake has so many ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. Saffron and dry fruits combine to give this cake a high antioxidant quality. Pistachios and almonds provide healthy fats as well. If you are on any diet you can also get sugar-free or gluten-free variants of Rasmalai Cakes online and also eggless and dairy-free options easily fulfilling your requirements without compromising the taste. 

  •  Loved by all 

Rasmalai Cakes are a common winner for all. With its delicious taste, aesthetic appearance, balanced flavours, and textures this cake has no age boundaries. From sweet tooth children to dessert-loving adults, this cake unites all with its sweetness and richness every time. 

Belly Amy’s Top 5 Beloved Rasmalai Cakes? 

  • Rasmalai & Pista Fusion Cake
Rasmalai & Pista Fusion Cake
  • Rasmalai Heaven Cake
Rasmalai Heaven Cake
  • Delectable Rasmalai Cake
Delectable Rasmalai Cake
  • Sweet Rasmalai Cake
Sweet Rasmalai Cake
  • Rasmalai Dreamscape Cake
Rasmalai Dreamscape Cake

Why Choose Belly Amy’s For Your Rasmalai Cakes? 

Our Rasmalai cakes are loved by our customers, and there are a few strong reasons for that:

  • We always serve freshly baked cakes with premium ingredients only.
  • Our recipes are tried and tested with years of experience by our chefs and have a perfect balance of flavours and uniquely addicting flavours.
  • We prepare our cakes with utter care so they look pleasing and make you crave their sweetness.


Rasmalai cakes are a perfect delight to have in any celebration. With perfect looks and even more addicting taste, they are enough to spread smiles across your face.  This dessert holds a special place in people's hearts and taste palates, removing the boundaries and combining all for the joy of sharing the sweet treat together. When you order rasmalai cakes online, from Belly Amy’s you assure yourself with premium quality, fresh cakes, and delicious taste every time. So try our cake delivery in India and enjoy our premium delights in the comfort of your home.  

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