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75+ Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend On Her Special Day

If you have already found the girl of your dreams and the woman you’ll love and cherish forever, her birthday will be one of the most important celebrations of your time together. You can give her some of the memorable things she likes but birthday wishes for love are the most important part of her special day. It is too boring and old just to say Happy birthday my love and leave. You have to become creative and wish her the best wishes that she will ever receive. This will show how much you love and cherish her. If she is special to you, you have to wish heart-touching birthday wishes for your special person. With Belly Amy’s you can also send her lovely birthday cakes and gifts to make her birthday worth remembering like personalised gift cards and chocolates.  

Here are 75+ best Happy Birthday wishes for your lover.

Personalised Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

  • My love, you bring so much joy and laughter into my life. Thank you for being you. Happy birthday to the best girl who makes my world complete!
  • You are everything that I could ask for. I am so lucky to have you as my girlfriend. Happy birthday, my love!
  • Every day with you is like the best day, and I can't wait to see how much fun we will have together in future. Happy birthday, my best friend and my dear lover!
  • I still remember how I met you. Here is one of your favourite chocolate cakes to celebrate your day. Here's to a happy time together. Happy birthday, my love!
  • Our love is just like a red velvet cake. Full of love and colours. I am sending all my well-wishes to my beautiful girlfriend.
  • You light up my life with your smile, God blessed me with you so be as beautiful as you are every year. Happy Birthday my lover!
  • On your special day, I want you to know how much you mean to me with all my heart. Hoping you have the best life ahead and cheers to our bond my love!
  • Your heart is so big, and I am sure that God must have blessed me with your presence. On your Birthday today, I thank you for your love and support.
  • Here's to another year filled with ups and downs, love and laughter. Happy birthday, my happy soul girlfriend. I love you more than you'll ever know.
  • Wake up baby and give this day a sweet smile of yours. Come and see your designer cake specially for your birthday waiting downstairs with your surprise gift just to wish you a Happy Birthday from my side.
  • Life isn't perfect without you, but you're perfect and the prettiest all the time. Happy birthday my love, I love you!
  • Happy birthday my wife, there's no one I'd rather have by my side now or ever. You don’t grow, you grow every year. Cheers to your day.
  • I still miss the day when we first met, how beautiful you were and you still feel the same. Happiest birthday my love. I miss you the most.
  • Happy Birthday my dear girlfriend. Hope you are as sweet as the coffee I sent you this morning. Sending loads of love to you baby.
  • I will still miss the girl you were, but you have grown to be a wonderful woman. I loved you now and I loved you then. Hoping this birthday brings you all the joy. Happiest Birthday my dear lovely lady.
  • Happy birthday to the woman who loves me the most and I love her the most. May this year be your best year ahead.
  • Happy birthday to the light which brightens my life. I love you.
  • You are the jewel that shines brighter than any star in the sky. Happy birthday my lover. Sending you wishes and chocolates love.
  • You are the crazy twist to my journey. Happy birthday to the woman who makes everything better and keeps my life shining.
  • Happy Birthday to my one and only. Wishing you a birthday as lovely as your presence.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

  • Happy birthday to my girl who makes my heart skip a beat every time she is with me! May your day be filled with love, and surprises, just like this teddy bear for my love.
  • You are the sunshine of my day, the love of my life. Happy birthday my love! Hope you enjoy this day to its best.
  • With every passing year, you glow both inside and out. Happy birthday to the most incredible woman I know! Here is one of your favourite butterscotch cakes to keep your day with a sweet start.
  • I cherish every moment with you but this birthday is extra special. I love you the most. Happy birthday, my lover!
  • Baby let's celebrate your birthday and all the amazing stories to come our way!
  • Happy birthday my lover who has stolen my heart and made every day brighter just by being herself. Here are your favourite cookies you always enjoy. Have fun, my love!
  • I love you more than words can express. Happy Birthday my one and only.
  • Here's to another year of making memories together and being together. Love you and your presence every time you are with me. Happy birthday, my love!
  • To the girl who means everything in my life, happy birthday love! May this day be as special as you are to me? Sending lots of love.
  • Happy birthday to the queen of my life! You deserve all the love in the world every day but your birthday needs a celebration. For sure sending you a truffle cake my love.
  • Wishing my beautiful girlfriend the happiest of birthdays. May you glow and grow every year and enjoy every day of your life.
  • Happy birthday to the most amazing girl any guy could ask for. You make my every day brighter with your smiles. Hope they stay forever.
  • Today is a great day for me because you were loved! I miss you and I love you.
  • Since you came into my life, you brought colours into my life. Happy Birthday, love!
  • Happy Birthday to the best girl ever. Today is the best day to tell you that you are so special.
  • I wish you the happiest birthday with the best birthday gift for your girlfriend. love you loads.
  • Hugging you is my favourite. I am sending all my good wishes to you. With nice gifts too. Hope you like perfumes.
  • Your love has taken over my mind. Happy birthday beautiful lady.
  • Cheers to endless love and endless talks. Hope you love me more than I love you. Because I love you to the moon and back.
  • Happy Birthday my dear lady. You mean everything to me and I hope your birthday fills up your day with brightness and joy baby.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

  • Happy birthday love who keeps me fun and young (or tries to!). Here's to another year of laughter and maybe a few tiny wrinkles.
  • You're one year older now but the most beautiful older woman I know (be less angry it adds wrinkles! Just kidding). Happy birthday my love!
  • They say age is just a number, but I'm glad you're here to remind me it's also an excuse for a nice birthday cake! Happy birthday, sweety, love you loads.
  • Happy Birthday my love! You're officially older today but don't worry, you don’t look older than last year. (just kidding) you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.
  • Happy birthday to the woman who loves to party on every occasion. Here is one of your beloved pinata cakes. Beat this and love me! I love you more!
  • Happy birthday to my favourite troublemaker in this life and every other life! May your day be filled with more mischief and laughter after every prank you make.
  • Congratulations on surviving another year with me! You deserve a medal for your hard work, but here is your favourite combo gift and cake! Happy Birthday, my lover.
  • Happy birthday my dear lover, to the one who makes my world a little crazier. Here's to more crazy days together!
  • aging like fine wine? More like just aging. Just kidding! You still look as young as when we met (please share your secret) Happy birthday, my cute girlfriend!
  • They say age is just a number, but let's be honest – it's also a reminder to eat more dishes. Happy birthday, foodie! Here is your favourite pizza for you
  • Happy birthday to my partner in crime! Let's make some fun and crazy decisions and blame it on the drinks later! Love you, sweety!
  • Happy birthday to the woman who still looks young... from a distance. Just kidding – you're gorgeous from nearby too. Happy birthday my girlfriend!
  • Another year pretending to be a responsible adult right? Let us be a little immature today too! Happy birthday, love!
  • Happy birthday to the woman who makes my world a sweeter place just like the fruit cakes I’ll send you. Thank you for the laughter, and sweetness you bring into my life.
  • You are cream to my coffee, let's order some delicious coffee and cake from cakesncakesshop.com. Well, you get to eat the treat. Happy birthday, my sweetie!
  • Wishing you a birthday as sweet as your smiling face. Happy birthday, my lovely girlfriend! I hope I give my girlfriend the best birthday wishes when we meet.
  • Happy birthday my baby. I want to see you as the most successful person. Happy Birthday my sweetie!
  • Happy Birthday to my lovely girlfriend. You are a superstar and I can write more but I will speak about that when I meet you.
  • Happy birthday, oldie. Kidding my love, you are still a goldie. Love you loads and miss you more. Hope to see you soon.
  • Just like old wine you are aging slowly. Just kidding! You are as beautiful as you were when I first met you. Not a single wrinkle, just tiny folds of love. Happy Birthday to you baby. Hoping for your best year ahead.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

  • With every passing birthday, my love for you only increases. You are the light of my life, the answer to and the beat of my heart. Happy birthday, my favourite person.
  • Happiest Birthday darling. You have shown me the true meaning of love. You are my best friend and the love of my life. Happy birthday to the girl who fills my days with magic.
  • Today, I celebrate all the joy and love you bring into my life. I cherish every moment with you. Happy birthday, my lovely girlfriend. Sending you your favourite wishes and donuts.
  • You inspire me every day to be kind and faithful. You make me a better person. Thank you for everything, and happy birthday, my beautiful birthday girl.
  • Happy birthday, love. Words can't express how much I love you and how happy I am to have you by my side. You are my cheerleader and my support. sending you your favourite jar cakes and chocolates to fill up your day with sweetness.
  • This is the day to celebrate all the amazing things you do. You are strong and beautiful inside and out. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Happy birthday, my soulmate. You are the love of my life, and every day with you feels like a dream. I promise to spend the rest of my life making you.
  • You are the piece I knew I needed. You complete me. Happy birthday to the woman who holds my heart and makes my dreams come true. Your gift will arrive soon, guess what? Yes! Your favourite sweets.
  • Happy birthday, my star. My love for you is like the stars in the sky too, endless. I love you.
  • I can't wait to create more amazing stories and memories with you. Happy birthday dear girlfriend.
  • Every birthday of yours is special to me. It makes me fall deeper in love with you every day. Happy birthday, my beautiful Birthday girl. Soon I will come join you with your gifts. You wanted a teddy bear and some strawberry cakes, right? Your wish is my command of love.
  • I can't imagine my life without your smile and your love. Thank you for being you and being with me. Happy birthday, my everything.
  • Dear girlfriend! You are a woman who makes my world complete! You bring so much joy. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend ever.
  • Happy birthday, my love! Wishing you a birthday filled with the best wishes and many many gifts from my side. Hope you enjoy those cupcakes and perfumes.
  • Sending you all my love and best wishes on your birthday. May this year fulfil all of your dreams and wishes baby. Loads of love.
  • May your birthday be the start of a year filled with happiness and good health babe. Happy birthday, beautiful!


Love is such a beautiful feeling. Having butterflies in your stomach while reading heartfelt messages on your birthday is the best way to start your birthday. Cakes always add a nice flavour and surprise to every birthday. So, get the best cake online for your girlfriend on her special day. You can order heart shaped cakes online from Belly Amy’s and surprise your lover. You can also find trending and delicious birthday cakes for girls on our website too. These sweet surprises will add warmth and love to your celebration and will surely make your bond stronger every year. Get amazing birthday cakes with Belly Amy’s and impress your lover every birthday. 

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