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Trending and Delicious Birthday Cakes For Girls

Celebrating a girl’s birthday and want a perfect cake? Birthdays are special, so every cake must be equally special and memorable. Every girl has a different choice and preference, so you cannot think if it works for one, it will work for another, too.  To make every birthday extra special, think about the unique interests of the birthday girl. The options are endless, from cute, bright cakes to elegant, sophisticated designer cakes. Don’t worry when you get to choose from a wide variety of cakes at Belly Amy’s. We will have every cake to suit the taste and personality of the birthday girl. Let us look at some popular cake choices from Belly Amy’s:

1. Colorful Cream Butterscotch Cake

If your birthday girl loves flowers and bright colors, this cake is an excellent choice for you. This is a butterscotch-flavoured colorful cream cake. With a soft and airy sponge, the cake has a perfect amount of sweetness and flavor to it. The beautiful flower decoration is made from fresh cream, which is piped in the shapes of beautiful flowers, and the taste compliments butterscotch cake very well. The cake uses fresh ingredients so that the taste will be even better than a regular store-bought cake. Get this Colorful Cream Butterscotch Cake this birthday season for your loved ones. 

Colorful Cream Butterscotch Cake by Belly Amy's

2. Pineapple Gems Birthday Cake

This Pineapple Gems Birthday Cake is a perfect delight for summer birthdays. The fresh flavors of premium pineapples and gems are a perfect combination of taste and texture. The cake itself is soft and fluffy and is filled with fresh and tangy pineapple-flavoured cream. The cake is beautifully decorated with red-colored ream and colorful gems to make it look appealing. It is a great choice if the birthday girl is a fan of pineapples and gems. It is perfect to refresh the crowd at every birthday celebration. Order this Pineapple Gems Birthday Cake from Belly Amy’s. 

Pineapple Gems Birthday Cake by Belly Amy's

3. Red Heart Designer Cake

If you want to present your birthday girl with something unique and special, try this designer cake. It is a vanilla-based cake, so the cake layers are made of fresh and premium vanilla flavorings. The cream is also simple vanilla cream but is made red with food-safe colorings. This cake is a beautiful heart-shaped cake with cute and catchy decorations. The cake is perfect if your birthday girl loves red and vanilla cake. The cake sponge is soft and fluffy, so it will not be heavy, and you will enjoy every bite of this cake. Little silver crunchy balls add a premium look to the cake and with this cake.  Buy this Red Heart Designer Cake for your birthday girl and impress her this birthday. 

Red Heart Designer Cake by Belly Amy's

4. Rose Paradise Chocolate Eggless Cake

If your birthday girl loves roses and hates cakes with eggs in them. This cake is just perfect for her. This is a chocolate-based eggless cake. The looks of this cake can easily be called elegant and pretty. The roses on top of the cake are made with sweet cream, which compliments the chocolate sponge of this cake very well. The delicious and rich premium chocolate is used to make this cake, and it is even eggless to make sure everyone can enjoy it. There is a hint of rose flavor in this cake to complement the chocolate flavoring. So this birthday gift to your pretty friend is this pretty Rose Paradise Chocolate Eggless Cake from Belly Amy’s. 

Rose Paradise Chocolate Eggless Cake by Belly Amy's

5. Strawberry Heart Shape Cake

If your birthday girl likes elegant and premium-looking cakes. It is a lovely and tasty dessert ideal for expressing your love and affection to someone special. This heart-shaped cake is perfect for you. It is a strawberry-flavored cake and is covered with beautiful fondant flowers and carved perfectly as a lovely and delicious heart. The little flower details add a lot of dimension to the cake, which makes it look premium. No doubt, the ingredients used in this cake are also fresh and top quality, including the strawberry, cream cheese, and cake sponge. The strawberry cake has a rich and decadent flavor, with sweet and tangy strawberries and cream cheese as its filling. Order Strawberry Heart Shape Cake from Belly Amy’s and surprise your birthday girl.    

Strawberry Heart Shape Cake by Belly Amy's

6. Gluten-Free Chocolate Raspberries And Cream

For every diet-conscious girl, this delicious chocolate and raspberry cake is perfect for forgetting about restrictions and eating as much cake as she likes this birthday. This cake is super delicious and is filled with chocolate raspberry filling and cream cheese. Since this cake is gluten-free, the cake sponge is made with almond flour. Delicious chocolate topping with cream and raspberry on top is a mouthwatering combination and for sure will be loved by the birthday girl. This birthday, go ahead and get someone special this Gluten-Free Chocolate Raspberries And Cream delight and make their day even more memorable. 

Gluten-Free Chocolate Raspberries And Cream by Belly Amy's

7. Round Pineapple Photo Cake

If your birthday girl is obsessed with pictures and loves to take selfies, this picture cake is perfect for her birthday. You can easily get her best picture or even make it a funny picture and get it printed and pasted on the cake of your choice. The cake flavors can be changed and customized as per your requirements. The cake sponges will be soft, and the pineapple filling in this specific cake will be juicy and tangy, which will perfectly complement the sweetness of the cake and cream. To add a hint of color, the cake is topped with juicy cherries that will make it look even better. If you like this idea of a Round Pineapple Photo Cake, go ahead and grab yours at Belly Amy’s. 

Round Pineapple Photo Cake by Belly Amy's

8. Sugar-free Mango Cake 

If your birthday girl is a health freak, get her this sugar-free cake from Belly Amy’s. There will be no processed sugar in the cake, and natural sweeteners like Honey and Maple syrup will be used. This cake is also perfect for those who love fruits and, especially, mangoes. Juicy and tangy slices of mangoes add a nice color, texture, and flavor to the soft and spongy cake layers. Try this cake if your birthday celebration falls in summer, and surprise your birthday girls with amazing taste and decorations. Buy this Sugar-free Mango Cake at Belly Amy’s. 

Sugar-free Mango Cake by Belly Amy's


At Belly Amy’s, you will find a wide range of cakes for you and your loved ones. These cakes will be of different mouthwatering flavors and eye-catching designs. If you have any special requirements, do not hesitate to ask because we want our customers to be satisfied and happy with the cakes they receive. We have various cake flavors, designs, eggless cakes, gluten-free cakes, and sugar-free cakes to cater to our customer's needs. Go ahead and choose from our wide variety of cakes to gift and surprise your loved birthday girls. Keep their minds happy and tummy full with our delicious cakes. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose a perfect cake for a birthday girl?

Every individual has a different liking for their cake flavors. Try to find out what the most enjoyed cake flavor is for your birthday girl and choose that for her birthday cake. You can always customize the cake design for a special touch of love. 

Are sugar-free cakes less tasty?

No, sugar-free cakes are not at all less delicious than regular cakes. The amount of sweetness remains the same, but the sweetener in sugar-free cake changes. It is not processed sugar, but it can be substituted with natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup or artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which are less in calories but still give cakes their required sweetness.   

What cake flavors do girls like the most?

Every cake flavor has a different fan base. Some girls love vanilla and strawberry cakes, while others love butterscotch and red velvet cakes. But without a doubt, the most loved cake flavor for girls has always been chocolate. It can be a delicious truffle-flavored cake or a rich chocolate cake.

How can I make my birthday gift cake more personalized?

You can always add hints of personalization with cards with heartfelt messages to the birthday girl. You can also use your pet name on the cake to make it memorable for the birthday girl. You can also go ahead and add lovely flowers to the cake to surprise your birthday girl even more. 

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