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Chocolate Muffin

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Product Description:

Country Of Origin: India

Indulge in the heavenly bliss of our chocolate muffins, the ultimate comfort food. Order chocolate muffins online and treat yourself to a delightful experience. Our mouthwatering creations will satisfy your cravings and bring joy to your taste buds. 

  • Product Name: Choco Muffin  
  • Quantity: Per piece  
  • Serves: 1
  • No Egg - Pure Veg
  • They are a delicious and popular treat that can be enjoyed for breakfast, or a snack.

Note *

  • Flour, sugar, eggs, and baking powder form muffin bases. Variations include blueberry (with fresh or frozen berries) and banana nut (with mashed bananas and nuts). All our ingredients are of premium quality but owing to the nature of order and manufacturing variations the actual product may differ from the pictures used and the taste and looks may also vary.
  • Online orders will be accepted if the minimum order amount is Rs 500. (Not including delivery charges).

Product Reviews


Rating & 15 reviews


5 Teena Mannan

Reviewed 2 months ago

These muffins give comfort and simplicity. Moist, fluffy, and versatile, they're perfect for any occasion.

5 Binoya Kade

Reviewed 1 month ago

Tasty and sweet chocolate muffins. Perfect to distribute and enjoy with all my kids. yummy as well!

5 Anees Sani

Reviewed 2 months ago

nice muffins! perfect taste and worth the price! they are super chocolaty and tasty!

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