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Milky Donuts

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Country Of Origin: India

Delight of milky donuts, where fluffy, golden-brown dough encases a heavenly center of velvety smoothness. With each sumptuous bite, experience the luscious burst of creamy goodness, as it dances upon your taste buds in a symphony of sweetness. 

  • Product Name: Milky Donut
  • Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Serves: 1 
  • No Egg - Pure Veg
  • The donut might have a smooth, almost velvety-looking exterior, achieved through a red velvet glaze or icing.

Note *

  • These fried delights comprise flour, sugar, milk, and yeast, yielding a soft interior. Glazes and toppings like chocolate, sprinkles, or fruit enhance the taste. Some feature fillings such as jam or custard. All our ingredients are of premium quality but owing to the nature of the order and manufacturing variations the actual product may differ from the pictures used and the taste may also vary.
  • Online orders will be accepted if the minimum order amount is Rs 500. (Not including delivery charges).


Product Reviews


Rating & 10 reviews


5 Ujwal Rahim Sami

Reviewed 1 month ago

I absolutely enjoy them every time I get them! they are always fresh and warm and I love the milky glaze! super tasty!

5 Sara Moti Sing

Reviewed 1 month ago

super tasty and lovely donuts!

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