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Send Heart-Shaped Cakes To Your Loved Ones With Belly Amy’s Online Delivery

Belly Amy’s is a CakesnCakes shop. Cakes are perfect for every occasion, and everyone enjoys a nice and sweet cake with their loved ones. Why not make your celebrations even happier by gifting your loved ones with a heart cake? Cakes at Belly Amy’s are flawless and mouth-watering and look the best with a heart-shaped design. We only present our customers with premium and the best quality delights. Get yourself and your loved one all delicate and velvety cakes from Belly Amy’s because we only use rich quality ingredients. You can get all cakes delivered to your doorstep with our website and enjoy them while you rest at your home. 

Easy to Buy Online Heart-Shaped Cake

Belly Amy’s is deeply in love, which we express in the form of heart-shaped cakes. Your heart is full of love for someone, which must be expressed as a heart-shaped cake being gifted to your one and only. We can customize and personalize your heart-shaped birthday cake in size, flavour, and design to your liking. We also offer eggless options for those who don’t want an egg-based cake and still want to enjoy the taste and deliciousness of flavours. Our heart-shaped cakes are available all over India. We also have chocolates, soft toys, and flowers, as well as greeting cards that you can put with your heart-shaped cake to make it a surprise. You can easily find the best combos for your loved ones and give them the gift of love. Order now for our midnight heart-shaped cake or set time delivery to surprise your loved one on their special day. Our website is easy and convenient, and you’ll find the best cake options at CakesnCakes. 

A Variety Of Heart Shaped Cake Flavors Are Available At Belly Amy’s 

Belly Amy's Cakes is one of the best bakery for heart-shaped cakes in India. We have a wide variety of heart-shaped cakes. All the ingredients used at Belly Amy’s are fresh and pure. We only use premium products and ensure all cakes are prepared specially for the order. Our cake layers are moist and fluffy, and have the perfect balance of sweet and pure flavours, demonstrating their devotion to quality and customer pleasure. Our prices are reasonable and competitive. Overall, Bely Amy's is a well-recognized bakery, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best cake in the town. 

Flavours Occasion
Red Velvet Cakes Valentine’s Day 
Butterscotch CakesAnniversary
Vanilla CakesWedding
Chocolate CakesParties
Strawberry CakesEngagement

Order Heart Shape Cakes From Belly Amy's all over India.

Order the best cakes in town right at your doorstep and make your day memorable. Cakes are loved by all, and heart-shaped cakes are even better. At Belly Amy’s you will find cakes for every occasion and every person. We have a range, especially for health-conscious dessert lovers. We have sugar-free and gluten-free heart-shaped cake options so that you won’t miss out on any pleasure. So go ahead and express your love with a tempting heart-shaped cake that no one can reject. We have a delivery option for 5 major cities, and we hope to get you your favourite cakes as fresh and perfect as possible. So, here is a fabulous collection of Heart Shape Cakes just for you online, full of delicious and wonderfully designed Cakes in heart shapes. 


Ask Your Chef

What occasions are heart-shaped cakes best to order for?

You don’t need any special occasion to buy and enjoy a heart cake from Belly Amy’s. Our cakes are enough to make any of your gloomy days bright and happy. But heart-shaped cakes are most suited during Valentine’s Day and engagements.

How will we pay for the order?

You can choose your desired payment options. On our website, we offer payment options through credit cards, debit cards, and net banking.

What cake favors do you have in a heart shape?

At Belly Amy’s, you will find a heart-shaped cake in every flavor. Our chefs love fusion flavors, and so we offer every cake flavor. We have heart-shaped cakes in flavors like fruit, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, and many more.

Can I get a customized cake?

At Belly Amy’s, you can change and customize your cake. You can add or remove any ingredient from the cake. You can also get your cakes made eggless and gluten-free. We also have sugar-free cake options. You can also choose from our photo cakes and get your cakes beautifully personalized.

What flavors of heart-shaped cakes are the most popular?

At Belly Amy’s, we offer a wide variety of cakes and fusion flavors. Although all of our cakes are very requested, the most ordered heart-shaped cake is the red velvet heart-shaped cake. We offer a variety of popular cake flavors, too, such as chocolate truffle, pineapple, vanilla, and more.

What flavours of heart-shaped cakes are popular?

Belly Amy' offers a variety of popular cake flavours, such as red velvet, blueberry, chocolate truffle, pineapple, vanilla, and more.

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